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Greetings, and welcome to my homepage. Here you will find a collection of things relating to my own interest in any artistic and creative work.

I'm going to use this page as an archive for an array of projects I have yet to complete, music I am interested in, and a place to house scraps of characters, explain their backstories, etcetra, etcetra. This entire site is a constant work in progress, as I'm hoping to update it often and add new things as I go along with anything creative that I personally think would be appropriate to dump here.

To clear things up, this used to be a page specifically dedicated to my webcomic "Morning Star", which I have decided will be either on a much-needed hiatus, or completely discontinued until further notice. Inability to stick to one project is a real motivation killer. But, I will still leave the few pages up regardless.

I have many future plans in the works, and will be adding more content as I (hopefully) get on that. Although, I have to mention it eventually, this is just a hobby page. I highly doubt I'll be relying on a definitive schedule, so the flow of updates will only be reliant on my will to work.